Join the Conversation, Strengthen Your Faith, and Navigate Life's Questions

Join us for our Young Adult Christian Challenge group! Christian Challenge exists to engage college students with the gospel, develop disciples of Jesus Christ, mobilize servant leaders for the church, and send missionaries to the world! All young adults (college and non college) are welcome to join our gatherings on the Mohave Community College Neal campus (click on Challenge MCC button for details) and on our church campus in the evenings (click on Challenge Church Campus for details) Our goal is to walk with young adults as they wrestle our their faith, beliefs, culture and life and help them take their next steps with Jesus! All are welcome and there are no questions off limits!
 Join us as we engage in cultural conversations where no question is off limits! Kingman First and "Challenge" are here to build your faith, discuss relevant questions and help you navigate life's issues as you walk with Jesus.

*MCC campus meeting locations are subject to change and are only active during the school semesters. (Spring, Summer, Winter breaks will not be available.)*  
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