Kingman First Men

Forge Brotherhood and Unleash Your Strength at Kingman First Men's Ministry!

Through our robust Tuesday night Bible studies, we offer an environment of genuine fellowship and study, free from the pressures of extensive preparation. As a united group of men, we gather to grow, learn, and forge deep connections with one another and with God through engaging in His Word. Additionally, our Men's Ministry provides opportunities for fellowship over breakfast, where we share scriptural insights and utilize our gifts to serve others in need. With a heart for empowering men, we offer transformative retreats and conferences, equipping and encouraging you to embrace your God-given role as leaders in your homes, families, and communities. Join us at Kingman First Men and rise up to fulfill your purpose as a mighty man of faith.

Men's Breakfast

Rise and shine , join us for a hearty breakfast that welcomes visitors to join our ranks. Together, we delve into the depths of scripture, gleaning invaluable insights through powerful Bible studies and devotions. But that's not all—we harness our unique gifts and skills to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, both within our church and the wider community. Our fellowship is a formidable alliance of resilience, where the young and the wise stand side by side, leaders and volunteers, embodying true masculine virtue.

Tuesday & Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Join our robust  Bible studies on Tuesday or Wednesday nights designed for men seeking fellowship and meaningful study, free from the weight of extensive preparation. As we gather, we forge unbreakable bonds, growing together and deepening our knowledge of both one another and our Almighty Creator. With a light-hearted atmosphere and minimal prep time, we prioritize authentic camaraderie rooted in our shared devotion to the Word of God.

Men's Retreat & Conferences

At Kingman First, we empower men to embrace their God-given roles as leaders in their homes, families, and communities. We invest in your growth and development, providing transformative Men's retreats and conferences that equip and encourage.  It's time for you to rise, thrive, and leave a lasting impact as a mighty man of faith.