Golden Fellowship Seniors

Join Kingman First's Vibrant Senior Community!

Crafting, Potlucks, Game Nights, and More! At Kingman First, we cherish and value our seniors, striving to deepen friendships and uplift one another. If you're seeking a lively community of seniors who love crafting, socializing, and enjoying potlucks and game nights, your search ends here. Discover our growing ministry, where we gather monthly for delightful potluck events filled with delectable food, joyous singing, and engaging guest speakers. Bring a dish and join the fun! Should you have any questions about our Senior Luncheon, simply click the link below to email us. Excitingly, we're expanding our senior ministry to include captivating game nights, shared outings, crafting sessions, and much more. Come, be a part of our thriving senior community!

Monthly Senior Luncheon

Held on the 3rd Friday of every month 11:15am-12:45pm, the monthly senior luncheon is an event where senior gather once a month to enjoy a potluck meal, engage in singing activities, connect with others in their community, and listen to guest speakers. It provides a supportive environment for seniors to socialize, combat loneliness, and foster a sense of belonging. The event offers a diverse range of homemade dishes, music, and educational or entertaining talks, creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for participants.